Friday, December 9, 2016

Why Marketing to Women Doesnt Work: Using Market Segmentation to Understand Consumer Needs

Industries that continue to market to women in the traditional manner are headed for failure. As such, Jennys book is a timely and relevant piece. Her insightful recommendations and thoughtful research make for a compelling read and serve as a guideline for improved marketing practice - to both genders. -Krista Lee Berger, Senior Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 CompanyIn a world where men cant wear dresses, but women can wear pants, Jenny is a true thought leader who provides a great resource for anyone trying to navigate the complicated and overwhelming landscape of marketing to females.If you want to train your brain to think differently about the womens market (not to mention grow your bottom line) in an easy to understand and logical way Why Marketing to Women Doesnt Work is for you!-Ralitsa Carter, Digital Marketing Specialist, Lee EnterprisesJennys insight has always been spot-on. The title will catch your eye, but the content is what will make you stick around. Jenny delves into distinct issues that continue to bog down companies and agencies that are determined to market to women. Those issues (mistakes) sound so basic to the layman, even to a regular consumer, yet professionals continuously make them. The takeaways are insightful and useful for any marketer building a brand or product and tasked to focus on market segments. Jenny brings clear examples and insight to a misunderstood segment of consumers รข€“ women. Not everyone wants pink in his or her power tools, nor do they care for vanity mirrors. Hopefully this book will help steer the boat right and disprove and encourage marketers to strive to NOT practice marketing strategies geared towards the lowest common denominator. As Jenny writes, Not all women are the same (nor are all men the same for that matter). So why are we marketing to stereotypes?-Chris Lam, Founder, Cup of Joe SocialA thought provoking approach that is both smart and relevant for managers today. Jenny explains that when marketing to women marketers must have a thorough understanding of their needs and context, which is often misunderstood. The book re-examines this and introduces a new way to understand the consumer, one that starts inside the organization over market research. Its an insightful piece of work worth reading. -Kristin Obi, Content Manager, Crispin Porter + BoguskyJenny has a vast knowledge of the art and science of marketing, especially when it comes to reaching women. Through her book, organizations will see how to effectively target the coveted female consumer, who controls much of the familys wallet in todays marketplace.The female consumer, who makes so many purchasing decisions for herself and her family, is not an easy target. Professor Jenny Darroch knows how to combine the art and science of consumer research and messaging to effectively reach this powerful market segment.-Emily Smith Marketing and Operations Director, The Money Mammals

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